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Hoffe ihr genießt euer Wochenende!! Ich auf jeden Fall, ist ja perfektes Bastelwetter (mir kommt vor ich bastel nur mehr ;-)). Heute geht die Sommerpause weiter, ich hab einen Gastpost für euch! Kennt ihr das, ihr wollt einen Salat machen, kauft gute Zutaten und zwei Tage später ist alles schlecht? Da hat Jess von Couponcravings einige Tipps für euch:

I hope you enjoy your weekend!! I sure do, its perfect crafting weather (I feel like I’m constantly crafting at the moment ;-)) Today the summer break continues, I have another guest post for you! Do you know the feeling, you buy ingredients for a salat and two days later everything is rotted? Jess from Couponcravings has some tips for you:

4 Ways to Save on Salad

Buying salad can be a tricky balancing act between the food lasting and saving on produce. No one likes opening the fridge to find a wilted, rotting mess of lettuce in the bottom of the produce drawer, but there’s no doubt salad is hard to keep fresh. So what can you do to save money on salad greens? It’s always a good idea to search online money-saving resources like CouponCravings.com when looking for ways to cut costs. When it comes to lettuce, here are four tips to consider that will save you money on salad while keeping it fresh as long as possible.

Don’t Buy Pre-Mixed Bags

According to Yahoo.com, many people find after purchasing bags of salad that the mix only stays fresh for a couple days. This is frustrating, because it can be hard to eat all the lettuce before it spoils. Also, these pre-mixed bags often cost substantially more than just buying a head of lettuce. This is one case where the „you pay what you get for“ mentality does not prevail. Bottom line: it’s best to avoid those bags and buy a head of romaine instead.

Look for Spotless Lettuce

It’s important to be picky about your produce. Don’t hesitate to check the salad greens all over to make sure they aren’t already on their way to spoiling. You don’t want any wilted leaves, brown spots on the leaves, or brown stems. If you find these, put it back and pick out another.

Wash and Dry Your Greens

Once you’re home, it’s important to wash your lettuce free of dirt, but it’s even more important to dry your lettuce thoroughly before storing it. GenXFinance.com explains that moisture makes it very difficult to keep lettuce fresh. You should use a salad spinner to get as much water as possible off the leaves.

Bag Your Own

EatLikeARabbit.net suggests storing your dry lettuce in a Ziploc bag to keep it fresh for days. Be sure to include a paper towel in the bag to absorb any excess moisture that’s still on the lettuce. No matter how well you dried the lettuce, there’s bound to be a little bit of water left behind.

While you may not think of salad as a big budget item, you can still find ways to save money when it comes to purchasing lettuce. The key is to skip the pre-mixed bags, and do all you can to ensure the lettuce doesn’t spoil before you eat it. Then all you have to do is dress it up as you desire and enjoy.

Danke Jess!!! Ich wünsch euch noch ein schönes Wochenende!!

Thanks Jess!! I wish you a great weekend!!

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